#1 Singing Tip



It’s called your diaphragm, and it is the singer’s best friend forever.

The first lesson I always give my singing students is focused entirely on the diaphragm. You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is that?”

Well in short, it’s a muscle. It’s the most important muscle when it comes to breathing and, in turn, singing. Laying underneath your lungs and ribs, this dome-shaped sheet of muscle plays a key role in pushing the air out of your lungs.

It’s function is relatively simple. As you inhale, your lungs get filled up and expand – pushing down on the diaphragm and causing it to flatten. When you exhale, the diaphragm acts like a springboard – returning to it’s original dome-shape and pushing the air up out of your lungs.

diaphragm diagram
Diaphragm Representation

A stronger, more controlled diaphragm is the number one key to becoming a powerhouse vocalist. Just like working out your leg or arm muscles to get those gains, you have to work out your diaphragm for it to become strong and effective as well.

To optimize the diaphragm while warming up to sing, I’ve brought together some of my best diaphragmatic breathing exercises along with a great way for beginners to get the hang of really feeling that muscle at work, and doing it all correctly.

I’m going to go in depth and teach you exactly how diaphragmatic breathing works; 2 tricks to help you get it right, plus 2 simple exercises to work on daily in order to get that muscle pumped.

WARNING: The following video was filmed using my laptop camera and microphone, therefore the sound is not excellent quality. I would suggest listening with volume levels around 30 without earphones, or 20 with earphones.



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